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Rules and regulations

1. There will be no adding players. Only players that have been on teams from the beginning of the season are eligible to play in the Hall County Youth League End of the Year Tournament.

2. No outside teams are eligible to sign up and play in this tournament. Only teams that have been playing in the Hall County Youth League can participate in this tournament.

3. The game rules will be the same rules that have been played under the Hall County Youth League all year.

4. There must be at least four teams signed up in order for there to be a tournament5Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of three games.

PARENT/FAN EXPECTATIONS: We expect a positive, fun atmosphere for kids to learn and improve at the game of basketball. We want kids to foster a love for the game, and the way the crowds treat the game can have a large impact on that. We expect parents to cheer and encourage their team, without arguing with, yelling at, or demeaning other teams, coaches, players, or officials.No drugs or alcohol in the facility, and no one under the influence of either is allowed inside.Fans must display appropriate behavior at all times. Anything deemed less than that, whether it be actions or language, may result in removal from the facility.Ejection from the facility may result in suspension from the facility. This will be at the discretion of our management staff or the event coordinator.We will contact security and local law enforcement if the situation calls for it.





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